When I was a child,

They told me

It’s gonna be fun.

And it wasn’t so.


They hypocritically told me

That they love me

And that we’ll stick together

Regardless of what happens

In this life.

But they lied.

Or they didn’t tell

The truth.


They told me that I’ll be great,

They nourished my pride

And my superiority

By fantasizing about

My grandiose future

And about my much sought-after


And they lied again.


They told me that,

If I behave

And learn

And work well,

I’ll have everything

I want

In this world

And life.

They have proven themselves,


To be wrong.


I was a child

And it was childish

To believe them.



A grown up adult now

(Or so it seems to be),

I look back

In utter disillusion.

Disillusionment breeds bitterness,

It breeds a lack of drive,

Of motivation

And zest.

And a remorseful




Childhood is for me

An immense lie

Being repeatedly told.

A betrayal

Of trust.

A promise

That has not been kept.