Confusion, lack of purpose, being lonely or empty inside, experiencing stress or boredom, feeling disconnected from others, struggling with finding meaning or living one’s own life in an authentic way – all these and many more – are experiences we all might have at various times in life. Having someone objective, impartial and informed to consult with can help bringing clarity, perspective and insight. I can play this role.


I am an experienced psychiatrist having an additional psychotherapy training. I spent many years learning and managing various teams, patients and difficult situations. I am also fluent in French, if needed. I use an integrative approach and I adjust my counselling style depending on the needs of a particular client: I can use a psychoanalytical approach, an existentialistic philosophical attitude, several humanistic methods, psychodramatic elements or speak the metaphorical language of the Jungian symbols. However, I am fully aware that most of the time it’s not a particular technique but the relationship that matters.


My consulting services are aimed both at persons in obvious need of counselling and at individuals who happen to need someone neutral and unbiased in order to feel confident to talk about the issues that trouble them. Often, a one-hour discussion is enough. Sometimes, one session is not sufficient because, after a period of meditation, some answers can give birth to new questions. My clients have total freedom to come and go as they see fit. Confidentiality is paramount, as it’s the base for mutual trust.


I maintain a non-judgmental attitude and I fully adhere to the idea that everyone has the right to live one’s life the way one pleases. The choices that are made are always the best ones in the given circumstances and someone’s behavior has a specific meaning in a particular context. However, I tend to be direct and honest, and I will tell the truth – as much as possible in a way that does not cause unnecessary distress. On the other hand, I respect my clients; therefore, I try not to play games and waste their time and money by cultivating a pointless dependency in our relationship or by transforming the act of counselling into socializing.


Our collaboration begins with an initial email message from you. I will replay as soon as possible and try to find a time for an appointment that suits both of us. The video-consultation sessions last typically one hour and you will get more information once you write to me. It is perfectly okay to meet only once. Also, do not feel discouraged if the problems you’re struggle with are somewhat ambiguous or you don’t seem to know what you really want; this is quite common and clarity will gradually emerge during our interaction.


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