Oradea Railway Station

The Oradea (Nagyvárad) railway station is, along the one in Arad, one of the 2 main western train stations of Romania. It was built in 1857 following the initiative of Emperor Franz Josef of Austria. The present building was built in 1870 and extended in 1902 by the architect Rimanóczy Kálmán and the engineer Rendes Vilmos.

This is the main hall, quite similar to the ones in Cluj-Napoca, Arad or Satu Mare. It’s simple and clean.

However, the platforms are poorly sheltered from rain… This is the view towards the rest of Romania.

And this is the view towards Hungary. The platforms resemble a lot to the ones of Colmar… hard to tell why.

Oradea is directly connected to the former capitals of Austria-Hungary, namely Budapest-Keleti and Wien-Hauptbahnhof (including Szolnok, Tatabánya and Győr along the way) and also to the Transylvanian capital city Cluj-Napoca (and to Târgu Mureș (Marosvásárhely) and Brașov (Brassó) following 2 main railway lines).