Arad – Center

So, here is the final article about my voyage to Arad. After covering the northern, eastern, southern and western part of the city center, we will have a walk in the downtown area around the town hall. It was my pleasure to serve you as a guide to this beautiful city, rich in both Hungarian and Romanian history, a place that deserves more than what it gets nowadays.

Here is the Arad City Hall Square, with the Town Hall to the right and the Cenad Palace to the left.

Behind us is the Neumann Palace, built in 1891, in the eclectic style.

To the right we can see the Former County Hall, built in 1821 in the neoclassical style. It was also used as court over the years. Now it is the headquarters of the Arad County Public Finance Administration (aka the Tax Office).

And finally, just in front of us is the Palace of Financial Administration (aka the Treasury Palace), built at the end of the 19th century in an eclectic style with Viennese Rococo features.

Now, if we continue our trip and cross the road, next to the Treasury is the building of the Aurel Vlaicu University, the public university of Arad.

Here is a view of the square from the university. The town hall is to the right, the Cenad Palace is next to it in the background, and to the center is the National Bank building (the taller one) and the former Victory Bank.

Well… this is the Administrative Palace, where both the Town Hall and the Prefecture are located. It was built in 1872 and its style combines Flemish Renaissance and late medieval styles.

In front of the town hall palace there is a marble mosaic. Let’s cross it!

And this is the view when we turn back and look at the square from the entrance of the town hall. They didn’t open the doors for me though…

Here is a view of the Treasury Palace and the Neumann Palace, from the same viewpoint.

Now, back to the center of the square, looking at exactly the same buildings, towards the south.

And again, looking straight on, towards the west.

Here one can find the Km0 or the “Zero Kilometer” of the city. From here all the measurements are done; in Romania, the distances between 2 towns/villages are measured starting from the town hall (I don’t know how they do it in other countries, but it’s the first time I see this milestone clearly marked. Behind it is the Cenad Palace (to the left), the former Savings Bank of Arad-Csanád, built in 1909 in the eclectic style.

This is a detail of Cenad Palace. Note the entrance door and the elaborate iron lace. People in the past thought not only about the utility of a building but also about its beauty… This hardly exists today…

Next to Cenad Palace is the Children’s and Student’s Palace (Palatul Copiilor si Elevilor) or the Andrényi Palace, built in 1880.

Moving farther to the north, we encounter this little square, the Luther Place.

In the square is the Lutheran or Red Church, built in 1906 in the Neo-Gothic style.

I particularly enjoyed this place. It was cozy and quiet.

This is the best view of the church, with Suciu Palace to the left and the Evangelical-Lutheran Parish Palace to the right.

Now, a detail of the entrance gate from the former Central Hotel, built in 1894. Look at the iron embroidery with peacocks on both sides.

And here is the view from the inside, looking at the street. Yes, I know, it’s ruined. And yes, the gate is beautiful.

This is the County Palace (Palatul Comitatului), similar as architecture to the former County Hall nearby. Here is the seat of the County Council but also the National Center for Tourist Information and Promotion (Centrul Național de Informare și Promovare Turistică). I would be ashamed, judging by the state of the city and the lack of touristic strategy of any kind…

Next to this building is a park with some really weird statues… the Bujor Buda Park. The statue to the left with 2 heads is my “favourite”; as a psychiatrist… I can relate…

The park is actually in front of the hotel where I stayed – the Hotel Continental Forum Arad. It’s a 4-star hotel which is probably the best in town, judging by both location, price and comfort. And it is here where we conclude our journey through Arad. Thank you!