Die Häuser von Großwardein

Oradea is mainly known in Romania for its villas and palaces in the Art Nouveau style. Below I share several images of these houses, as well as other buildings in other architectural styles, in a touristic chronological order. Many other palaces & villas have already been shown in my previous articles. Enjoy!

Guttman House (or Kolozsváry House)

Poynár House (1907)

The Bazaar (1900)

Former Seat of the Catholic Circle (1895), now the State Philharmonic Orchestra (Filarmonica de Stat) & Francisc Hubic School of Arts (Școala De Arte Francisc Hubic). In older photos it was nicely painted in ocher yellow and brown, now it’s plain white, which is not remarkable, so as to put it nicely…

Sonnenfeld House (1899) – the first Art Nouveau building in the town. Now apparently home for the theatre Szigligeti Stúdió.

The Starill Palace (1902), designed in the Art Nouveau style. Now the Astoria Grand Hotel (4-star hotel). At ground level, in the past, there was the EMKE Kávéház (EMKE Café), a former literary café, where journalists and poets, such as the poet Ady Endre (regarded as the greatest Hungarian poet of the 20th century), regularly met (EMKE stands for the Transylvanian Hungarian Cultural Association). In the center-background of the image is the House of Goldstein Salamon (1910) and close to the left side is the wall of the former Hotel Pannonia (1903) in the Renaissance style.

Deutsch House (1906), formerly the Deutsch Károly’s glass and porcelain store, in the Art Nouveau style.

Füchsl Palace (1902), in the Art Nouveau style.

Darvas-La Roche House (1910), in the Art Nouveau style.

Gerliczy Palaces (1907), designed to look similar, mirroring each other.

Klobusitzky Palace (1926), built with Baroque and Zopf style features.

Palace of Rimanóczy Kálmán Jr. (1903), now the Seat of the Orthodox Diocese (Episcopia ortodoxă română a Oradiei)

The nice details of a villa opposite the Post Palace.

Back to the pedestrian street, with 3 important buildings, from right to left.

The former National Casino of Bihar County (1888).

Palace of Rimanóczy Kálmán Sr. (1905), modelled on the 15th century Venetian Ca d’Oro Palace.

Bartsch House (1888), in the historicist style.

Association (bar) of Lawyers (1908), Baroul de Avocati Bihor.

Stern Palace (1904), in the Art Nouveau style, with typical motifs and floral patterns of Hungarian folk art.

Another view of this palace.

The blue building in the foreground is the Moskovits Palace (1904) in the Art Nouveau style. The white building in the background is the Apollo Palace (1912).

The former Széchenyi Hotel (1887).

Probably one of the typical views of Oradea…