Pillar of the past

It should be worthy of praise to consolidate our former great attainments, as long as it does not make draining inroads into the soul life and make us sinister. If we wish to stay on the heights we have reached, we must struggle all the time to consolidate our consciousness and its attitude.

But we soon discover that this praiseworthy and apparently unavoidable battle with the years leads to stagnation and desiccation of soul. Our convictions become platitudes ground out on a barrel-organ, our ideals become starchy habits, enthusiasm stiffens into automatic gestures. The source of the water of life seeps away. We ourselves may not notice it, but everybody else does, and that is even more painful.

If we should risk a little introspection, coupled perhaps with an energetic attempt to be honest for once with ourselves, we may get a dim idea of all the wants, longings, and fears that have accumulated down there – a repulsive and sinister sight. The mind shies away, but life wants to flow down into the depths. Fate itself seems to preserve us from this, for each of us has a tendency to become an immovable pillar of the past.

Carl Jung, Symbols of Transformation

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  1. Hi, would you mind if I posted one of your texts, with your name and a link to the blog here, on Jabber/XMPP in our poetry/literature room and in our ‘Literature Café 7’?

    1. Hello,
      No problem; if my articles are available for the public, it means that they can be shared.
      However Jabber is a whole new thing for me… I am familiar with Jitsi and found the room (or I think I did), but I didn’t find anything inside. Perhaps I should go and create an identity at Jabber.de ? Not sure how I can see your discutions, it would be interesting to read them… You only gave me a link on Vivaldi Social that opens only in Jitsi; there is no webpage or something like that?
      Have a nice day!

  2. Thanks, it’s on ‘Jabber/XMPP’ in our poetry/literature space:
    xmpp:[email protected]?join

    You can find our ‘Literature Café 7’ room with:
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    This way you can also get to know ‘Jabber/XMPP’.
    Authors’ readings with live music take place in our Literature Café 7.
    Would you be interested in such things?

    An account on jabber.de would be good. 😉

    1. Well… I downloaded Jitsi and had a look but this is live… I thought it’s something static that can be read, something like a website or blog. I don’t think I have the time to stay online, due particularly to my professional life but also because it’s awkward for me this way of communication in videoconference. I definitely prefer the written text because it enables structured thinking but also because I’m kind of introvert. Thanks anyway for your time and invitation!