Photography & Creativity

You cannot really be creative in photography; every photo you take is the one of an existing object that can be, theoretically, seen by everyone else. Whether it’s the photo of a flower or a butterfly with its details, or a landscape, or a skyscape, those things are there for everyone to see. One needs only to pay attention to them.

For me, creativity is about perspective and then sensations and finally feelings. It’s about how you present to the world what was there all the time. It’s about seeing beauty in ordinary stuff, it’s about changing the perspective so much that the image is beyond recognition although it remains identifiable. And then it’s about sensations: a certain color, a certain shadow, a certain “mood”… something that invites imagination to play and create something new, very personal, something that no longer exists in the image. In the end, if lucky, one can feel something about a certain photo, often if that photo links to a memory from the past and if it can bring back that vibe to the surface of the consciousness. That occasional feeling is deeply personal and different for each viewer. The vibes are the real creative aspect of photography, because they happen in a unique way, independent from the reality of the photo.

From a different perspective, we rarely create something completely new. Creativity is mostly composing a mosaic of old stuff in a different way. It’s the mélange that matters and seems unique, but if we deconstruct the new stuff, we get the old stuff arranged differently. The photo above is from the city I currently reside in. It doesn’t matter where I live because I don’t want you to have preconceived ideas of any kind. All I say is that it’s in Europe. There is nothing new or creative about this photo. Just some buildings, the mountains, the sky and the clouds. Yet, there is actually something new, something that will never happen again exactly how it happened when the photo was taken: the sky.

Landscapes change with the passing of time. Some buildings are replaced, seasons change, trees grow and then disappear. But skyscapes change all the time, moment by moment; they are new and unique every time we see them. They will never happen again. Just like the moments of our own lives.

For me, the clouds in the photo are just like a path in the sky. They might show my personal history and my trajectory in life up to the present moment. Or they might show the path that follows, the unknown that awaits to be discovered. The good thing about skyscapes is that they allow your imagination to play and your subconscious mind to make projections about the past or the future. At this point a photo becomes the gate to a different dimension.

If everything seems to be stuck in your life, look at the sky. You’ll become aware that nothing lasts forever.

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  1. I am inspired by the path you’re taking in your discovery with photography. Looking forward to seeing more of you pictures.