Darkness & Light

Darkness can always be found next to the brightest light. All you must do is to pay attention. The biggest darkness is next to the bright lamp… or next to the screen of the computer when you’re using it in a dark room. Similarly, darkness habitually gathers next to shiny people; sometimes you can find it in their (family) background, sometimes among their (unfaithful) friends. It is there, lurking just beneath the surface of things and events.

Many spiritual traditions say that the contraries appear together, hand-in-hand. Often those schools of thought are right. The most beautiful white lotus sends its roots deep in the muddy water, to the murky bottom, from where it feeds. Each “saint” has at least one dark secret you may never hear about. Nobody can escape their shadow.

Even the white clouds can turn dark next to the sun. And if you look too much at the sun, you’ll get a black blind spot on your visual field… while your own shadow will gradually grow behind you. If you take your eyes from the sun, you will always see it. But you don’t have to. You only need to know that your shadow is there, somewhere, next to your light. I find this awareness a wiser way to see life.

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    1. Actually I took the photo first and then I thought about writing something about it. And then the patterns somehow emerged and connected to the image.