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I was always fascinated by this idea found in some spiritual traditions that there isn’t only one lifetime available but rather several existences, one following the next one or – why not? – two or more simultaneous lifetimes in several dimensions or potential universes. Somehow this applies to my own experience with the internet and particularly with blogging and social media; I lived several online “lives”, both in parallel and consecutively, each one being different and some of them really enjoyable and helpful in ways I couldn’t foresee at the beginning.

I started blogging on My Opera in 2006 until it closed in 2013. Then I moved to WordPress. But I also became one of the first members of the Vivaldi community when it opened. I preferred to stay in the shadow for many years, using the e-mail and casually reading the forum. I’m using the Windows and Android browser versions since their respective beginnings. As the Internet started to become more and more closed, everything became gradually tiresome. Too much “exclusive” content that can’t be seen unless one is member of one social media website or another, too much trouble with identity verification, too much emphasis on absurd political correctness, too much knowledge gathered about the locations I visit, my preferences and my habits. I needed something simpler and more straightforward. So here I am, back to this blog page, which I don’t see as a new beginning but rather as a continuation of the same lifestyle I left 7 years ago.

With the passing of time I understood that a huge number of online followers can’t be a substitute for true friendship or human relationships. I also understood that being on several social media platforms and wasting my time on them won’t help me a lot personally or spiritually. So, while being on this website, I intend to be as little as possible a typical consumer and as much as possible an original content creator. Without followers to please, knowing that perhaps nobody is watching or cares, I want to dedicate my time to creativity and exploration, something that I seem to need regardless of my life circumstances. So, for the occasional visitors… Welcome to my world!

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  1. Welcome back 🙂
    Thanks for sharing this piece and looking forward to reading more of them in the near future maybe? 😇

  2. I can see the resemblance the internet has to spirituality..At the same time I see massive differences. The problem lies with your soul and just what is it?
    I am not a big fan of religion .. ideas are not bad but dogma and doctrine are killers for me.. to avoid preconceived ideas i chose to call the Creator of our universe and reality the Originator. If you want to explore reincarnation reply.
    Your ideas are as valid as mine. Have at it.

    1. I used a metaphor; avatars as reincarnations or lifetimes versus avatars on social media platforms. I thought it’s more interesting to use an allusive style for the introductory blog article. Some people believe in several lifetimes, others believe in only one existence. Since we can’t verify this aspect during our lives, both views are valid for me.
      I tend to have an existentialist view on life, namely I believe that I have only one lifetime. This helps me not to postpone stuff and to maximise what I can experience during the frame of time I’m granted to live. Despite this, I am a spiritualist and a free-thinker, so I do tend to believe in an afterlife, but this life on Earth is unique for me and therefore it’s valuable. And since you mentioned religion – no matter what religion – I think it is useful for some people who need outer landmarks and clear rules to follow, but for some people who can bear the responsibility to choose their life path at least partially in a free way, it tends to become something outdated. Now, it depends on the person.
      Thanks for commenting!

  3. I think your title of this post says it all. For those of us who’ve been down the WordPress and Social Media trail, looking for a voice, without the noise, I think you’re spot on. Looking forward to more from you!

    1. Thanks! I posted several daily articles so as to get used to the functionality of Vivaldi. Seems very simple compared to the full WordPress but I believe it is intended to be so. Now I will see what crosses my mind and what I find interesting to share.